Welcome to the 16mm Garratt Owners & Operators Association!

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 It's been a while since this website has had an update & so much has happened in that time!

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Welcome to the website of the 16mm Garratt Owners & Operators Association.






Two Garratt 'greats' chew the fat! John Brittian chats to John Shawe about all things Garratt.



This scene was captured at 'Garratt 50' in 2008 at the Welsh Highland Railway on Dinas station. Mr Shawe was in charge of the K1 & Mr Brittian ran a couple of his 16mm scale Garratts on Ttarrag Shed that weekend.


 The association was formed in 2002 to encourage the building, running & operating of Garratt type locomotives in the scale of 16mm to 1 foot.


Since then, many Garratts have been built & run!



On Tuesday 29th December 2009, John Sowerby & Julian Smith made their way to Wales to the Welsh Highland Railway. John was in his usual bouyant mood & decided to ring me from the train whilst i was at work to rub in the fact that they were travelling behind double headed Garratts & i wasn't!! 






There was one train that day, departing Caernarfon at
11:00 & returning at 15:15.






The locations of the two photos were Beddgelert Station for the platform shot and from the Caernarfon bound train approaching Bryn-Y-Felin bridge. 


(Both photos taken by John Sowerby)